↓↓ The main application screen ↓↓  This is where one would record, adjust start and end times, and then make minor adjustments.
     ↓↓ The keyboard ↓↓    Play notes and begin to create melodies in addition to adjusting the sound more through LFO’s and EQ’s.
     ↓↓ The looper screen ↓↓    This part of the application is used to play a sequence of music that will then continue to be looped over a period of time.
     ↓↓ The pause screen ↓↓    Features recently created sounds, save/delete, and export.
     ↓↓ The export screen ↓↓    Allows for control over file size and type, location of save, along with length of overall audio clip.
 ↓↓      For this application I had created the entire wireframe in Adobe XD and developed all the sonic counterparts in Ableton Live.  All of this was then used to created a presentation that represented the vision of the project along with the logistics that were involved.
 ↓↓    Sample-based synthesis, also called granular synthesis, has been rising to popularity in recent years. It will be interesting to see how we can push this idea forward.
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