Staring with the home menu. My goal is to design something that works without hesitation. The user knows where to click, and where they’re headed once they make that decision.  ↓↓
 Each interface is intended to guide the user through navigation, specification, and duration so the customer to find the ideal spot, in the ideal location, for the ideal amount of time.  The way applications like “Waze” utilize GPS technology with user data is a great starting point for integrating a parking system that is intuitive and efficient.  ↓↓
 The yellow dots are available spots relative to user location and parameters.    From there they’ll pick a destination and begin navigation.  ↓↓
 The website is a must-have.    I’m approaching this with the same simplicity while incorporating aesthetically pleasing elements and prioritizing the brand message.    ↓↓
   These “cards” represent what we may know as plastic bank cards, insurance cards, ect. Just as services like Apple Pay are allowing purely digital means of payment, this QUIP card represents the user payment method for parking services.    Whether it’s through a scanner or remote digital methods - this is the vision for the project.    ↓↓
browser crop.png
 The advertising for QUIP displays  tongue and cheek humor in an effort to add light-heartedness to the issue at hand.  The goal is to allow people to respond positively to messages that are more or less based around their own internal monologue.    ↓↓
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